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Solar Street Light
The Solar Street Light, in standard size and white-black aluminum, operates at max 12.8 volts. Offering various power options and weights, it illuminates pathways efficiently. Its eco-friendly design harnesses solar power for applications ranging from residential areas to public spaces, ensuring sustainable and well-lit environments.

Solar High Mast Light
The Solar High Mast Light, clad in white aluminum, radiates with 50 watts of power at a max voltage of 12 volts. With customizable power options from 30 to 50 watts, it blends efficiency with aesthetics, illuminating large areas sustainably and efficiently in a sleek, high-quality design.
Solar Tree
The Solar Tree, in vibrant green, white, or black aluminum, offers customizable illumination with 1-5 watts of power at different voltages. Its innovative design harmonizes aesthetics with functionality, making it a symbol of sustainability. The Solar Tree stands as a blend of eco-conscious features, adding a touch of renewable brilliance to outdoor spaces.

Wind Turbine
The Wind Turbine, crafted from aluminum, soars 10-20 meters high in white, yellow, or blue. Operating at 12 & 24 volts, its high efficiency converts wind into power. With a rated power range of 1-250KW, it symbolizes scalable, clean energy solutions, epitomizing sustainable progress in a colorful, towering design.
Solar Power Plant
The Solar Power Plant, available in blue, black, or white, operates within a voltage range of 12-120V. Crafted from aluminum, it ensures durability. With a power output spanning 3 to 10 Watts, it provides a versatile and sustainable energy solution, exemplifying efficiency and reliability in renewable energy systems.
Solar Water Pump
The high-standard Solar Drinking Water Pump, designed for industrial use, is crafted from aluminum for durability. Its clean white color enhances aesthetic appeal. This efficient pump operates on solar power, exemplifying eco-friendly innovation for industrial water needs, combining reliability with a commitment to sustainability.
Hybrid System
The Hybrid System, featuring durable aluminum construction, offers 500-1000 Watts of adaptable power. Available in vibrant red, white, green, or orange, it operates across 12-1000 Volts. With varied types and weights, this system provides flexibility for diverse applications, embodying efficiency and versatility in modern energy solutions.
Solar Panel
The Foldable Solar Panel, in a stylish white-blue hue, boasts high efficiency and a max voltage of 12V. Weighing a mere 800 grams, it's crafted from durable aluminum alloy. Its foldable design adds versatility, offering a lightweight and efficient solution for on-the-go energy needs with a focus on sustainability.
Solar Camera
The Solar Camera, constructed from aluminum in white or black, operates at max 12 volts. With power options of 20, 30, 50, and 60 watts, it combines sleek design with versatile surveillance capabilities. Harnessing solar power, it exemplifies efficiency and security in a compact and sustainable package.

Solar Flood Light
The Solar Flood Light, constructed from durable aluminum, operates at a maximum voltage of 6V. With a power range of 18-30 Watts, it efficiently converts solar energy for robust illumination. Its sleek design in white and black combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a reliable and visually appealing outdoor lighting solution.

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